The Office: Official Cookbook and Party Planning Guide

Host an authentic New England garden party with James Trickington’s “helpful” tips and tricks, throw a holiday party with Angela Martin’s double fudge brownies, or set the stage for the perfect dinner party with Osso Buco and Serenity by Jan candles. This re-released cookbook puts the food front and center, sets the stapler in the Jell-O, and provides the perfect pairing of games and decor for any type of event. Inspired by the hit NBC series’ beloved characters and their hilarious shenanigans, this book puts you at the head of your very own party planning committee!

45+ RECIPES INSPIRED BY THE OFFICE: This re-released cookbook has been restructured to highlight more than 45 recipes, from appetizers to desserts, inspired by the beloved sitcom

STUNNING PHOTOS: Includes gorgeous full-color photos of recipes to help ensure success, as well as beloved moments from the series

THE ONLY OFFICIALLY-LICENSED ONE OF IT'S KIND: Designed and written in close partnership with NBC Universal