Satin Heatless Pillow Rollers 6pc- Soft Marble

Kitsch Satin Pillow Rollers create heatless curls or waves for the perfect classic look, simply roll and snap! Luxurious satin prevents breakage and glides through your hair without tugging. Avoid heat damage with this perfect alternative to traditional hot tools. 1-inch diameter thickness.

1. With slightly damp hair, take a section of hair and start rolling up from the end upwards towards the scalp. Tuck hair securely so that the tip of your hair does not stick out.
2. Roll upwards until completely rolled against the scalp, fold the roller and snap the button clasp at the top of your head.
3. Continue with the next roller, but this time link it through the first roller before you snap it together ensures that the rollers will stay in place. Continue this process until all rollers are in place and secure.
4. Wear overnight or allow hair to fully dry. Remove and style to enjoy beautiful heatless curls!
5. Care instructions: Hand wash in cold water. Air dry. Do not wring. Do not bleach.