The idea of opening a boutique in my favorite lake community has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl- it was that dream you have deep inside that you think will never happen. Well mid-January 2022 the stars aligned and that little girl dream started to become a reality. 

It all started while sitting at my dining room table with some great friends talking about life goals and dreams. After sharing my childhood dream my friend mentioned that she’d love to coordinate the fashion, accessories and lifestyle items of a boutique. 

We looked at each other, laughed a bit, looked at each other again and pretty much said at the same time- let’s do this! 

And that started the adventure of Ollie Birch.

We are an all-encompassing fashion, timeless accessories, and lifestyle merchandise with our home decor favorites.

Ollie Birch is more than a brick and mortar boutique and online store. We are passionate about empowering women entrepreneurs- we are excited to collaborate with other women to step out in faith to live the entrepreneurial life. 

Leah, the owner, has worked as a business strategist for the past decade helping entrepreneurs get started, grow, and leverage their businesses focusing primarily in the online space- she is excited to take this leap into the retail business industry.

Mariah, the boutique coordinator, has worked in the Alexandria community for the past seven years servicing clients and building relationships. She is excited to continue building relationships with the Ollie Birch customers and partnering with entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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